96neko is an officially unofficial Vocaloid. =^3^=


96neko is a trap singer, which means she looks like your typical girly-boy trap, but is in fact a boyish-girl trap!

Her hair is dirty blonde and she has maroon eyes.

She mostly wears tomboy/punk outfits with neko-themed accessories, like collars or pawprint patterns. 96neko has several piercings; on her ears (cat or human) and one earring that has a chain pierced to her lip.

In some depictions, she has cat ears.


Being a cat, 96neko is very mischevious and always getting into trouble. She is one of the guys and tends to act in tomboyish ways, often punching people in the arm and referring to herself with the Japanese masculine pronoun "boku." 

She is willing to be friends with anyone and doesn't hesitate to be her true self upon her first impression of someone. Also, 96neko is a stalker of Len Kagamine. She loves how tsundere he acts around her, and is confused by her feelings; she wants to punch him, but then she wants to hug him. Nonetheless, she should probably stop stalking Len...


  • Her favourite food is tapioca.
  • She has some pretty weird trap friends too, like vipTenchou; a feminine boy obsessed with panties.
  • Her voice can sound masculine or feminine.
  • She likes to prank Len repeatedly just to see his red face, which for some reason turns her on.
    Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life 96neko, Len English lyrics subtitle

    Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life 96neko, Len English lyrics subtitle

    messing with Len

Len-kun NOW! by 96Neko English Subs

Len-kun NOW! by 96Neko English Subs

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Matryoshka 歌ってみた ver

Matryoshka 歌ってみた ver. 96Neko &vipTenchou ※フリー-0

with vipTenchou