Finn-Senpai or Finn is an average human.

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A great shot of Finn Senpai

Finn-Senpai is Cara and Seke's senpai, Finn-Senpai at first held a grudge against "Cake boy" because he thought "Cake boy" was trying to steal Cara from him. Finn-Senpai's current relationship is unknown because Cara and Finn-Senpai shared a special moment and is probably still confused about it. Finn-Senpai is a masochist, meaning he takes pleasure when being hit by girls and such.



A photo of Finn-senpai. ( on the left )

Finn-Senpai has Blonde hair, brownish eyes, wears casual yet stylish clothes, and often dresses nicely for such occasions.

==Abilities & Weapons==

One of Finn-Senpai's ability is sadly being able to transform into a masou-shoujo or "Magical Garment Girl" embarrassed by his power he rarely uses it. He needs the chainsaw as seen as in the picture that goes by the name of Mystletainn. He becomes a masou-shoujo by chanting the words "Nomobuyo, Oshi, Hashitawa, Dokeda, Gunmīcha, Dē Ribura!" His ability makes him a lot stronger and allows him to get even more powerful upon gaining cuteness, Finn-Senpai being ashamed of this ability never uses it.

Mystletainn:Mystletainn is a pink chainsaw that Finn-Senpai keeps in his home in case of emergencies, Mystletainn is what allows Finn-Senpai/Others to transform. Finn-Senpai, being ashamed only of this ability, uses it only if necessary.


  • Cara - Cara and Finn-Senpai hold a kohai/senpai relationship status as of now, Cara did kiss Finn-Senpai at some point making Finn confused about his feelings, Cara liked Cake boy for sometime making Finn jealous because cake boy made it look like he tried to steal her at some point.
  • Seke - Seke and Finn-Senpai also hold a kohai/senpai relationship status. Seke can sometimes scare Finn-senpai by the way she acts but overall Finn-Senpai see's Seke as a really good friend and enjoys hanging out with her often. Finn-Senpai and Seke get along very well and often talk to each other.
  • Cake boy - At first Finn-Senpai held a grudge against Cake boy for some time because Cara had feelings for Cake boy at some point, Cake boy and Finn-Senpai made up and got along eventually and became friends, they don't talk often but Finn-Senpai thinks cake boy is an alright person.


  • Senpai is also a big patoot and doesn't want to get whatever lovin his kohais want to give...
  • He is secretly probably maybe definitely inevitably a masochist....
  • Finn also has a nice butt. ;)