The sun came up, and Cara decided it was safe to explore the house. She just really hoped she didn't find any of the brothers...

Walking down the halls, she peeked in several doors, usually finding an old room or an empty space.

Then she went into the basement. There was a oddly shaped door with a crystal handle. She shrugged and twisted it open.


"Hi hi!" A strange looking girl popped out of nowhere. "What...?! Who are you??" Cara stepped back. 

"Shhhh! You'll wake the darlings!~"

"...What?" Cara was confused.

"I'm here to visit and it's a surprise!" The girl said. Cara asked "Okay...But who are you?" The girl looked around and whispered "I'm Seke-chan!!!"

"Hm....Um okay I guess..."

Suddenly the girl's expression changed. "You better not touch my darlings."  Her words came out like ice.

"What? No! I don't even...Look I just wanna get out of this stupid house!" Cara said defiantly.

Seke was smiling again. "OH! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO? -u- I can help you out if it means I get the darlings all to myself!"

"...If you wanna be stuck here with those creepy guys then that's your problem not mine...." Cara said.

"Oh yeah...Do you know anything about this knife?" Cara showed it to Seke.



Cara was starting to question even talking to this lunatic...

Out of the blue, there was Kanato. "Who is making so much noise?"  He asked in that creepy whisper voice of his.


"Kanato-kunnnnnn~!" Seke's face turned red.

"Um...Yeah I' to you later...." Cara sprinted away, really creeped out.

But then she stopped dead in her tracks. She started having a vision and fell over.

It was a voice, telling her that even though Seke seemed crazy, she could actually help her.

After about a minute, Cara got up and felt dizzy. "That weirdo can help me? ...Well I guess it takes a creep to get out of a house of creeps..."

Cara sort of felt confident. She had two allies now, Subaru and Seke...She clutched the knife in her pocket and started walking down the long hallways again........