For some reason, Cara really wanted revenge on Ayato, the vampire who bit her. So she decided to find his room and prank him. 

After who knows how long, there was still no sign of ANY of the brothers. She looked in every room. "Aren't they supposed to be sleeping or something?!" But then she heard muffled laughter in the distance.

She walked a while and found the source of the noise. Cara peeked in the door to see a large parlour, with all of the brothers crowding around something.

She accidentally pushed on the door too hard and she stumbled into the room. All the brothers turned around, and Ayato locked his eyes on her. 

"So my prey returns."  He ran his toungue over his fangs and walked towards her.

"Ayato-sama~!" A familiar voice cooed. Ayato stopped and his ears perked up. "Ayato-sama?" He smirked and turned back around.


Cara could finally see that the brothers were all standing around Seke. She was giggling as Ayato walked back in her direction. "I know what makes you tick Ayato-sama."  Seke said sweetly. "Whatever." He smirked again.

As they were talking, Subaru approached Cara. "Do you still have the knife?" He whispered. Cara nodded. "By the way, who exactly is Seke?" Cara queried. Subaru looked down and half grinned. "She's an old friend of ours."

"HEY GUYS LET'S PLAY THE POCKY GAME!" Seke shouted. All the guys laughed. Seke pulled out some pocky.


"Um..." Cara didn't like the sound of this.

"Hurry, while they're distracted by Seke, you go find the house's library." Subaru slapped some pocky in Cara's hand and shoved her out the door.

She still wanted revenge on that jerk Ayato...But she kept looking for a library. "What's so important in the library?" She wondered.

As she was walking, she came across a messy room. This was Ayato's room, she was sure of it. At least she hoped it was. Cara looked around, and grabbed some sharp looking things and put them under the covers on the bed and on any chair she saw.

"Haha now this pain in the butt will have pains in his butt!" Satsified, she continued her search for the library.