Mysterious Mystery...Edit


After stumbling around in the basement for what seemed like forever, Cara came upon that door where she first found Seke. Thinking of it, she never got to see what was inside, so she turned the handle and entered. Sure enough, this was the library

"Well, looks like your tyoical, creepy old library," Cara mumbled as she looked around. Walking between bookshelves, she notice a really shiny book. Without thinking, she ran over to it and pulled it out. "WAHHH!" The floor ame out from under her and she fell.

Cara woke up from being knocked out and rubbed her head. She was in a small space, about three feet wide, with a little podium in the middle. The knife in her pocket started getting hot. "Ow!" It burned her hand when she grabbed it. She threw it away in pain, and it smacked the podium.

The knife stopped midair, and floated to the top of the podium. "Huh?" All of the sudden, everything was bright, and Cara heard a voice.

"Cara, what you have heard is true, you are a vampire's sacrifice."

Even in this vision, Cara was still fiesty. "What? No way!" She scowled.

"What you have not been told is thatt you shall be a bride. A bride to one of the vampire brothers."

"OH HECK NO WHAT EW I-" And just like that, Cara was zapped back to the parlour.


Only Shuu was there, asleep on a couch. He was muttering and sleep-talking. Cara was too curious and listened closely.

"Come back...." He mumbled. " down...." The rest was gibberish. "Hm...." Cara thought out loud.


"What do you want?" Shuu's eyes opened. "Oh nothing." Cara said. "Whatever. Just leave me alone." Shuu started to doze off again.

"Wow he seems so interesting," Cara sarcastically thought.

She went back to her room, only to find Ayato there.


"So you thought you could hurt me, eh?" He held up one of the sharp things Cara had stuffed in his bed. "Yeah so what if I did? Whatchya gonna do bout it?" Cara huffed.

Ayato bared his fangs and lunged at her.

He was cut short by Reiji.

"Do I have to remind you that this lady is our guest?" His cold voice chided.

"Wow where is he when I need him." Cara thought blankly to herself. "And if I am some 'bride'...." Cara didn't even want to think about it. She quietly asked the two vampires to leave and fell asleep on her bed.