Sweetdeath, or more commonly SD, is a new character in the retarded adventures of Sek and Cara.


SD likes to wear cool clothes and sometimes slave outfits. He is a redhead with tan skin and light green eyes. A tattoo marks from his pelvis up to his upper stomach. Has a bigger butt than Finn somehow.


Sweetdeath (SD) is a shy and awkward person when it comes to people he doesn't know, sadistic to the people that he hates, and extremely caring and open to the people he is friends with. He tends to stick to himself in public situations or in a small group of friends but when he is alone with his friends he is open, talkative, and pervy. He is a yandere unlike his sister Cara who has been classified as a tsundere.



  • SD often gets groped by Sek (this is because Sek secretly enjoys it way too much) (SD also secretly enjoys it too much)
  • He doesn't know how to twerk!
  • His favorite weapons are broadswords and pikes
  • He enjoys a company of others but hates social interaction (contradicting but true)