Don't know if i should be happy or terribly afraid...

Chapter 1Edit

There was this pretty girl who's name was Seke. And every afternoon she would drag her friend Cara to watch

Who is this mysterious guy who is oh so jelly?

swim practice with her. " Why in the hell am I here?!" " To watch boys swim with other hot other boys~" .

Watch other boys swim with other hot boys. 

" Seke that just makes you thirsty. =.= "  " Does not!"  Cara ate popcorn, " It does... and it's really unhealthy for your eyes." " ...Fine. I'm gonna prove it to you." " ...... =.= Uh..huh.. prove?"  Seke dragged Cara over to the whole team. " Noooooooooo SEKE FUCKING LET GO!" " NOOOO. o3o "  So that's when Nagisa Hazuki became a yandere. " Oh Seke you shall be mine. If i shoot everyone it'll just be us."  <--- And a certain someone became jelly.