Chapter 10Edit

Nagisa shoved food down Seke's mouth. And SD was forced to watch. 

   ** What would Seke do? What would I do? ** , he thought.

Nagisa unlaced Seke's dress, " See now this is rude- he's just staring.." " Ngh.." " Bleh how rude. I'll just go
Shooting you now

" Freeze."

ahead, hm?" 


" Freeze.  Or I'll shoot your fucking face off."

" Oh?"

Cara untied Seke and SD all while keeping distance.

" You bastard. I knew watching boys swim was a waste of my time." " Are those... fighting words?" " I suppose
But seke
 so." " Good. Because none of you are leaving without someone dying first. "

P.S. in the next chapter it is the tsundere vs the yandere! 

I will kick Nagisa's ass.

But will i die in the process?

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