Chapter 11Edit

Cara shot the first bullet. It was Nagisa who started to viciously slash everything. " Not one ounce of concentration.", Cara scoffed. She ran up and punched him in the face. " I killed ALMOST everyone..." 

" Ngh.."

" Hn.."

" But we need to get outta here. Before one of them regains conciousness, hm? Come on!" SD and Seke
  • " I'll hold them back."
  • " That's one for Nagasi, hmm?"
both started running as fast as they could. Seke thought ** The key! The car, the key the car! *** " Over here!" They all ran to a field. " Finally." They all got in the car. " Seke-chan!~" , Nagisa ran after them. " Damn...", SD scoffed. Cara stepped out of the car, " I'll hold him back okay?", she smiled. " But.. wha...?" The car starting moving. " Wait!" , Seke banged on the glass, " Go back! Go back!"

Cara shot him twice in the face. " Alright I-"

...... * splatter *

"..... got him..."

" That one's for Nagisa, hmm?", the boy said as he slowly moved the knife out of her body.

Cara was dead and so was Nagisa.


But by that time. They had already driven away.


The next chapter is really sad :( Its the last chapter.