Chapter 5Edit

Nagisa was just minding his own business... until he got a call. " Hello." " ....." " Hellloo??" " ..... " " ..?" " HI THERE." He was taken aback, " Uhhh who is this again? =u="  " OH YEAH UM, I'M SEKE YOU GAVE ME YOUR
  • " Did you hear that? He called me Seke-chan!" * turns around *
  • I stole your friend because i love you. <3 Now nothing can get in the way of our love.
  • adjkjdldmljdflajd
NUMBER HI." Nagisa fell head heels over the phone, " Hiiiiiii Seeekee-chann.  "  Seke looked away from the phone and stopped eating her heart cookies Nagisa had sent to her house. " Did you hear that? He called me Seke-chan!" " SEKE THERE'S A DUDE IN OUR-" " Shhhhhh.....he's about to talk. Uh-huh. Oh. Wow. Okay. Bye." Seke turned around. " He wants to go on a daaaaaattee!" "........." 

~ Kidnap note conviently placed on the fridge ~



At Swim PracticeEdit

Nagisa could not swim. Like he could but something was on his mind. Like Seke. So he decided to just jump
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in the water and swim. Of course if Seke were here she'd see, and that totally bothered SD. Like. A ton. So he challenged him to a swim off.

And lost.

What a loser." " Oh shut up." " Your the one that kidnapped me you yandere." " Look who's speaking tsundere." " You know...i could beat your ass." " How so your all tied up?" " Cos this. OMG HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP  ME..." " =.= I should've duct taped her mouth. This is what i get for being nice to people. Now i have to shoot her." 


...... * runs from under bleachers * " OH MY GOSH IM SO LUCKY FINALLY THE LIGHT T-T" Seke turned around,
  • .....And then SD got... really pissed off.
" I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDNAPPED!" " WELL HERE I AM!"  SD walked out. " I'll just shoot all of-" " SHHHHHHH NAGISA'S SWIMMING....!" " ........"  " =.= *turns opposite way * I'm not watching, but you are, so you should shush like she says, stupid."

Poor SD. Wonder how's he's feeling. :3

I only wrote dis for yew Seke =.=" * eye twitch *

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