Chapter 6Edit

Seke watched from far away. " So two losers are gonna loser fight cos they're losers?~" , Cara chimed. " But Nagisa isn't a loserrr.~" 

" So who the hell are you?", SD asked. " Nagisa, it's nice to-" SD pointed a gun to his head," She'll be mine
  • She be mine forever don't you know?! It's stupid to think anything else!
  • " ...... Are you dumb or something?!.."
forever dont you know?! It's stupid to think anything else!" Suddenly Nagisa pulled out a knife, " Ahahahahaha oh really?! Are you dumb or something?! Can't you see she's with me now?!" " ....... Mmm no. I can't. Sorry. * shoots * 


" .....Cara?", SD said?  " Whoa, whoa whoa", Cara held up her hands, " Nobody's getting shot on my watch.", and she smiled with a mouth full of blood. " Cara!", Seke yelled. SD stopped, " Seke... i'm r-really sorry-" " What's wrong with you, that's your sister, are you crazy or something?! Just... stay away from me! Somebody call the ambulance... or police.. or-or something!" " I'll call-" " Just... get away SD!" 

e.e Oh shiiit.