• Represents thought **

Chapter 7Edit

SD walked around the swimming pool. He paced back and forth, thinking, why not of him to go to jail? Well, no. Cara didn't press charges. She just... dealt with it.  * Tap tap tap *  " Hii there SD. * giggles * "  " Ugh, why are you here?" " Well it's seems you didn't kill me a second ago. I know your plan. Your gonna kill everyone. Just for Seke. That's stupid.. a-are you a k-killer...?" " True. I am. " "......." " What? Taken aback? I'll kill everyone. Even you. Aha!"

" Ahehe, you'll be killing nobody! Because i'll kill everyone! Including Cara and whoever else!" 

" I'll kill everyone."

SD was taken aback. ** He might even be crazier than me. I wasn't gonna really kill everyone. Just a few. But he'll kill.... anyone..! This guy is... pure crazy..."

" And guess what?"


" Yourr nexxtt~"

And SD started to run like a bat out of hell.